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18 August 1981
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
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3 toe sloths, 8 bit theatre, adult swim, animaniacs, badtz maru, ballet, billiards, blueberries, boots, bringing the lulz, butterflies, carnivals, chrono cross, chrono trigger, cibo matto, coffee, cooking, corsetry, dance dance revolution, dancing, dancing in the rain, david bowie, depeche mode, designing, diet pepsi, doing the humpty dance, donnie darko, dreamcast, earthbound, eddie izzard, equality, family guy, fleetwood mac, flowers, forensic psychology, forensic science, futurama, gabriel iglesias, garfield, gwen stefani, happy bunny, health, horror movies, human rights, ingrid michaelson, invader zim, jack nicholson, karaoke, karaoke revolution, karaoke shredder, legend of mana, legend of zelda, lemony water, lewis black, magazines, make up, mansquitoes, mario party, motorcycles, movies, mr driller, museums, music, nes, ninja gaiden, no doubt, norah jones, parasite eve, penny arcade, perfume, persona, phoenix wright, photography, piano, piercings, pilates, pink, pizza, pizzicato five, poe, porn cookies, power puff girls, psychology, purple monkey pjs, rainbow brite, ren and stimpy, roses, running, salohcin, salsa dancing, sarcasm, science, seattle, sewing, sheryl crow, singing, siouxsie and the banshees, snakes, sno cones, snoopy, snurkey, south park, squaresoft, strawberries, super nes, swimming, tattoos, tears for fears, the cure, the smiths, thrift shops, tim burton, video games, vintage homestarrunner, vintage shops, violins, weezer, writing
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