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Karma Police

I had a nice, big entry written out, but my diplomacy and thought process of "What good will this do?" beat out posting it.

Aint THAT a bitch?

So, yeah...

I want to update but since a metric fuckton of things have happened in my life, recently, I don't know even know where to begin.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Father's Day

Father's Day to me, is a very weird holiday, probably because I have a sperm donor and my grandfather, a man who was old and sick raise Ubby and me the best he could.

So, Happy Father's Day, I guess to all the father's out there. You've earned a day to rest, relax and relish in the fact that not only did you take part in creating a life, but that you nurtured and helped, or are nurturing and helping that life grow into someone special.

/cheesy holiday entry

Might get back on this...

Wondering...Who uses this still?


Sorry for the not posting, but life has been crazy. I went and saw Cobra Starship tonight and they were ~*awesome*~ - Anywho, their keytarist got her laptop stolen, here's her entry for more details:


So! My ears are ringing and my eyes hurt and I think I need to IV Gatorade into my veins from all the water loss that I personally got. Time for bed!

No, really.

I almost met with the sperm donor today.


What stopped this potentially lulzy meeting was the fact that my cousins called me FREAKING OUT, because he looked one of them up and called him at work, saying that I gave him my cousin's work number (which I didn't), and that I told him that my brother's been missing since December (which I didn't and he isn't). I'm glad that they called to tell me this, because they saved me from anymore trouble. I told his super BFF to stop calling me, no he hasn't changed and that's all I can say in Spanish, to wait on my great aunt for the rest of what I need to say, which is nothing more than "Stop wasting my time and go straight to hell. Do not pass Purgatory. Do not collect $200."

I really hope he enjoyed burning his bridge to me and pissing on the ashes. I can't believe I was so stupid..

Well, I found it funny at least

Lil Wayne starts playing in the radio for the one millionth time today, I sigh in exasperation and turn the dial, while saying, "Why is Lil Wayne still relevant??"

Nick: Why don't they shoot him into the sun?

I'm bringing sassy back!

So! I've had glasses going on 3 years and I've grown tired of pushing my glasses up, and just how they look on me. I decided to get my first pair of contacts and let me tell you internets, they're a hassle. I mean, they weren't at first, I was a pro contact putter on-er, or whatever and taker off-er...You get the idea. I knew my stuff.

Then I get home, and after the time I was allowed to have them on, I tried taking them off and wow was it obnoxious. I had my solution all ready to go and then I was going to do what the Optometrists assistant suggested and nothing. I. did. worked.

So after wrestling with my eyeballs for about 15 minutes, I finally get them out. That's okay, I dig a challenge, and I really am tired of glasses for now, so it's a good trade off...At least until I can afford Lasik.



It is now hour #2 and the idiots who live downstairs and have no concept that there are other people living in the complex are still playing REGGAETON like it's going out of style! I'm totally saving up for July so we can get back to Davie. I hate this place so hard.

Shamelessly taken from nerdtopian

The point of this meme is to share 25 random facts about yourself and then tag five other people to do the same.

1. Though I love the series, initially I had never even heard of Phoenix Wright. Infact, the only reason I know of it, was because Andres gave Nick a copy of it for his birthday, which Nick later "lent" me to try. I've possessed it ever since.

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